Friday, December 10, 2010

D.I.Y.-Christmas Wreath

 After eating our Thanksgiving dinner,it’s become a tradition to drive to the Middle Georgia Farmer’s Market and select two huge Christmas trees.  The Carpenters Christmas Collection blares on the stereo as our family of 5 cram into a Ford Explorer.  From this moment on, the Christmas Spirit has officially been embraced.  Truly, there’s no stopping my mom when it comes to decorating.  It looks as though Christmas threw up everywhere-snowmen, nativity scenes, nutcrackers and Santa Claus’s litter every inch of our house.  Think Macy’s Santaland, multiply it by 100, add a pinch of Paula Deen, and a generous helping of Walt Disney.  There you go, that’s my house at Christmas time.  So, as you can expect, when I found out my mom and step-dad had decided to spend Thanksgiving with me in the City, it was definitely a bitter-sweet moment.  I was so grateful that an airport run would be missed, but a tad disappointed I’d miss out on all the Yuletide embellishments.  
So, to help ease the blow of missing out on all the Southern Christmas decorating, my mom and I decided the only reasonable thing to do would be to create a Winter Wonderland for my roommates and I to enjoy.
I saw this amazing wreath at the Anthropologie in Rockefeller center.  Sure, it’s pretty but with its $300 price tag, there’s no way my college budget could afford it. 
I think our rendition is an excellent substitute.  Plus, it fits my personality-super colorful and very glittery! 
Materials (bought at the K-Mart on Astor Place)
-hot glue gun:  $12.99
*I like to think of this purchase as an investment.  It sits in my craft drawer (yes, I know I’m a dork).  Everytime I open it I
          just think how long I had to work to earn enough money to buy it, so I better put it to good use. 
-25 additional glue sticks:  $3.99
-pack of 100 sheets of construction paper: $1.99
Funnel Example
-piece of cardboard:  $2.50
-set of 12 glitter balls-$5.99
Basically, all you have to do it make funnels. This is where the construction paper comes in handy.  I also used an old book from my History of World War II course (think of it as a cathartic release if you will).  It helped to create some additional embellishment, but really its all up to you.  Newspaper might also be a good substitute too.  Realize, there’s no perfect size or shape when it comes to making the funnels;  the more variety the better!  Just make sure the folds are securely fashioned with a dap of hot glue.  
Cut a reasonably sized circle into the cardboard piece to create the wreath opening.  Mine’s about a foot in diameter, but judge accordingly, depending on the size of your desired wreath.
Arrange and hot glue your finished funnels on the cardboard piece to create the wreath.  Don’t worry the cardboard won’t be visible, its just there for additional support.  Add glitter balls (or your own favorite Christmas ornaments) and voila.  
Now, beware fingers might be burned in the process.  And, it’s a rather time consuming endeavor.  But set your Christmas Playlist to shuffle, and just think you’re making a one-of-a-kind Christmas wreath!   

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