Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Quest for World Domination

The Thublin family is probably the most competitive group of people you will ever meet.  Whether it’s basketball between brothers or a rousing game of Risk, there’s a constant need to one-up each other whenever family gatherings occur.  “Dream Teams” have been established for Pictionary, and my dad has officially been labeled master of Beatles Trivial Pursuit.

It goes without saying that trips to the board game cabinet have brought about many sleepless nights.  And, losing gracefully is no one’s strong suit.  As each games concludes, rematches are always insisted.  
Risk-The Favored Fame of the
Thublin Clan 
However as the 19 vociferous competitors gather around the table, laughter quickly overpowers a bad roll of the dice.   For in between rounds of Pictionary, my aunts and uncle are quick to divulge stories about my dad’s childhood.  For instance, he used to flush his sister’s Barbie doll head’s down the toilet, and when he was a toddler he went behind the paperboy and claimed the neighborhood newspapers as his captives....that was until my grandmother discovered them and a massive spanking ensued.
At the conclusion of each trip, I always look back at our game-board banter with affection. I guess you could say the quest for world domination is what brings our family closer together.

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