Friday, January 27, 2012

The Artist

When I was growing up, my dad and I would spend hours in front of the television watching classic black and white movies.  While most elementary students named Zoog Disney as their favorite program, for me it was all about Turner Classic Movies with Robert Osborne.   The older they were the more I liked them.  Beautiful costumes, rich story lines and brilliant acting consistently contributed to the top notch quality each movie goer expected.  I'd watch these movies and just think "they sure don't make them like that anymore."  Well tonight, I was proven wrong.

It's the late 1920s and handsome Hollywood actor George Valentin is the silent movie idol of the day.  While at the premiere of his latest project, he meets Peppy Miller, a star-struck extra and aspiring actress.  Sure Valentin might be married, but the two are instantly intrigued by one another, and Peppy's given a small role in his next picture.  After the movie wraps, Valentin and his producer are forced to realize there's a new fad in the movie business...talkies.  With audiences craving this fresh fashion, Valentin finds his future in the movie business to be quite uncertain.

Now, be prepared.  Even though this movie was released in 2011, it is a black and white silent film.   Repeatedly, I found myself laughing at this witty romance despite its lack of dialogue.  If you only see one movie that's been nominated as Best Picture for this year's Oscars, this should be it!

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