Saturday, January 14, 2012

Rediscovering a Disney Classic

Tale as Old as Time, Song as Old as Rhyme, Beauty and the Beast....

Yes, I may be a junior in college, but Beauty and the Beast is still one of my all time favorite movies.  Belle's the best Disney Princess too.  She knows there's more to a man than just good looks, and in her opinion nothing beats snuggling up with a good book.  I've learned quite a few life lessons from her, so when I found out they were rereleasing the classic movie with a new 3D twist, nothing was going to keep me from going.  Knowing how much I love this animated love story, my good friend, Dalton, surprised me with two tickets to today's matinee showing.  Although no dancing dishes jumped out of the screen, it was worth the extra three dollars.  It had added depth and made it seem as though I was an actual guest of Lumiere and Cogsworth. 

Just in case its been a while since you've seen Beauty and the Beast, it's your typical fairytale.  Belle and her father live in a quaint French village.  After inventing a new contraption, he leaves his daughter for a chance to show at the fair.   However, he's directionally challenged and winds up in an enchanted castle. The Beast imprisons him, but Belle comes to her father's  rescue and offers her life for his.  However, she quickly discovers her captor isn't really a beast but an enchanted prince.  

Watching the flick on such a large screen, I noticed a few new things.  For example, in the tiny town all the shop signs are in French except for the bookseller.  Why's that?  Maybe because in French, a book store is libraire, which is a false cognate to library.  Sorry for being such a language nerd.  

Something else, the prince had to both love someone and have them love him in return before his 21st birthday or be forever a beast.  That's so early.  If the rules of happily ever after applied to my life, I'd only have two more weeks to find Prince Charming.  It's a good thing Disney doesn't write the script to my life, just that of my favorite movie.

But anyways, basically the whole point of this post is to encourage you to stop by you local movie theater and rediscover the magic of Beauty and the Beast.  And be my guest to check out this scene too; here's the moment where Belle and the Beast discover their love for each other.  It's all just so romantic!

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