Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Roll Tide!

ESPN Reporters deemed the November 5th matchup between LSU and Alabama as the "Football Game of the Century;" well tonight was most definitely the Rematch of the Century.  Just as I said in a previous post, the Crimson Tide deserved another shot at the Tigers, and tonight they proved why. 

After Maze pulled his hamstring in the first quarter, I was a little worried.  But the Tide was the first on the board with a first of five beautiful field goals by Shelley.  The key to winning this game was making less mistakes then their opponents; throughout the game Alabama played with confidence.  And at the end of half, Alabama had 13 first downs with LSU at only one.  The score was 9-0 in Bama's favor. 

After the band played, my mom, Dalton and Mrs. Amy discussed the commentators’ outfits.  They especially thought Gene Chizik, Auburn's head coach, looked particularly bad with his stripped suit and mismatched yellows. 

LSU really began to give up in the 3rd quarter.  Erin Andrews even said, "I've never seen an LSU team as lifeless.  Alabama's taken everything away from them."  Saban's Gang was riding Jordan Jefferson, assuring their score would remain at zero. 

Seven full quarters passed before the Tigers even made it into Alabama territory.  It was only in the game's last few minutes that a touchdown between the two teams was made.  Trent Richardson ran from over 30 yards and secured the Crimson Tide's title.  The Tide really did roll all over LSU with a final score of 21-0, the first shutout ever in any BCS Bowl Game.  It's the second National Championship for Alabama in the past three years, and there's no way anybody can vote a team better than the Crimson Tide.

After Saban was presented with the Coach's Trophy, AJ McCarron won the offensive award, and Courtney Upshaw won the defensive MVP. 

My little brother and dad were in New Orleans for the Big Game and I'm sure they're celebrating the Tiger's taming.  I can't wait to hear their stories and see their pictures, but I hope they remember I'm a fan too and would like a souvenir.  

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