Friday, April 13, 2012

Octopus or Chandelier?

Step right up folks, and witness the wondrous world of Mister Adam Wallacavage...

 During my latest day of interning for The Times, I came across this photographer/sculptor/interior designer and all around maker of weird and wonderful things.  Adam Wallacavage is a self-taught Philadelphia based artist who makes insane chandeliers inspired by organic sea life.  He's discovered the perfect balance between the beautiful and the grotesque.  He's turned the design world upside down, ditching the stuffy candelabras you'd find in your grandma's dining room to lavish looks for the wild-at-heart seeking a life less ordinary.  His colorful, iconic octopus pieces are so energetic; it's easy to imagine one squirming to life and wrappings its tentacle over your shoulder.

Adam's also received quite a bit of press for his home decor, which came about in much the same way as his famous fixtures of light.  Filled with his crazy chandeliers, finds from thrift stores, and random pieces of art from friends, Adam's house has become sort of an artist commune for the residents of Philly.  In a room inspired by Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leauges Under the Seas, portholes line the wall and a giant squid rests on the coach.  Heck, Katy Perry's even posed in his kitchen for a fashion story in Living Proof Magazine.  But don't take my word for it.  Browse through these pictures, and tell me what you think!

If your like me and want to know what inspires Adam, click here or check out his blog, Monster Size Monsters.  His book (named after his blog) contains crazy cool portraits and is also available on

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