Friday, April 27, 2012

So Many Products, So Little Time

I Think I'm Experiencing Graduation Googles? 
Have you seen that episode of How I Meet Your Mother where Barney explains the concept of graduation googles?  Basically, it's the relief and nostalgic feeling one has about a  time in their life when it's just about to end, even though the time was completely miserable.

Well, now that my semester at The Times is coming to an end that's exactly what I'm feeling.  My boss was swamped with work, so she asked me I've I'd mind leaving work two hours early to go to Sephora's first-ever Beauty Fair.  Representatives from some of the most coveted brands where there.  Each table passed out this summer's recommended essentials and offered complimentary nail and facial services.  Plus, it was in the Hudson Hotel's penthouse loft, so the Manhattan view was spectacular.

As to be expected, there were lots of self tanning products and quite a number of anti-againg creams.  These women were pretty funny asking me to try wrinkle creams.  At 21 I'm not quite their target audience, but they kept applying the goop to my "crows fee" and wondering why I wasn't amazed with the instant results.  Caudalie's grape seed oil moisturizing sorbet smelled absolutely amazing.  I grabbed a tube for my massive goody bag.

But the real gems of the event were from Sultra.  Made from real human hair, they had non-commital color extensions.  There's your typical hot pink and electric blue, but they also had lilac cheetah streaks too.  Starting on June 1st, they'll also offer hair mascara!  It's tube is similar to the one for your eyes, but the colors it comes in are way wilder.  It's the perfect way to try red, blue, black, or purple highlights on for size.  Plus, it's water proof, so you'll be able to wear it to the beach and not worry about the colors running.   But there's no need to worry; it comes out with a shampoo rinse.

The only problem now is I have way too many products and oh so little time.

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