Tuesday, April 3, 2012

This is NYU Tonight...

I've cut the video, written stories, been the executive producer, and yelled commands as the director, but before tonights newscast I'd never actually been in the anchor's seat.  Sure, there were a few technical glitches (and I got the giggles once or twice), but I'm just glad to report I still want to be a journalist post-graduation.  Plus the fact that my all time favorite morning show host, Katie Couric, was on the air today too, made my experience all the better.

It's a Little Blurry But Still So Exciting! 
Our team was a little short-handed today, so besides preparing for my big role I wrote the script and edited the video for 5 stories.  As per usual, I made sure our viewers had all the latest in sports news: 

Riots Following Big Game
And here's some March Madness--Madness.  A day of celebration led to more than two dozen arrests.  Following Kentucky's 69 to 61 win over Louisville in the NCAA Final Four game, rowdy fans lit couches on fire and destroyed private property.  Kentucky players and their coach expressed shock and disappointment over their fans' actions but acknowledge that passion for the team can run high.  Thankfully, there were no serious injuries.  

March Madness Wrap-Up
Won and Done.  All that really matters from the March Madness concluding games is Kentucky engineered a roster full of NBA talent into a 67 to 59 victory over Kansas.  The Kansas Jayhawks fought to the finish, but Kentucky made five free throws down the stretch to seal the win.  Monday night’s game brought the team its eighth NCAA basketball title.  The last time the wildcats brought home the big trophy was 1998.  

Jeremy Lin Surgery
New York’s favorite Knick Jeremy Lin is likely out for the  season.  Last week we told you Lin was unable to play against the Milwaukee Bucks, citing his knee has the troublesome spot.  The swelling went down, but the pain did not.  On Monday, Lin underwent surgery on a torn meniscus.  He’s expected to be out for six weeks.  So unless the Knick’s make it to the second round of playoffs, his storybook season has come to a close. 

Citi Field's New Seating 
Get ready Mets fans.  Your favorite team’s hoping to make your trip to the ball field a whole lot better.  According to today’s press release, Citi Field will have a new seating area ready just before the first pitch is thrown.   Named the Party Citi Deck, it brings fans closer to the action.  Tickets are available now and include complimentary food, beverages and beer.  Prices range from 100 to 200 dollars. 

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