Saturday, July 21, 2012

Big Daddy's

Big Daddy eating at Big Daddy's 
Way back in March, smack dap in the middle of mid-term studies, I found myself wasting time in the Resource Center.  My friend Shivam was just finishing up his shift and when the usual "how's your day been going" was exchanged I awkwardly substituted his name for Big Daddy.  Immediately I realized my super weird mistake, apologized, then spent the next 30 minutes laughing.  For weeks I tried to get his new nickname to stick, but it turns out I'm the only one who still calls him that.

Well, a few weeks ago I was walking back from the movies and found a diner on 20th and Park called Big Daddy's.  Since then, I've been pestering Shivam to let me take him there, and last night our ticket finally came up.

Yes that is  Cotton Candy atop my milkshake 
With their '80s themed decor and delectable menu, it's the place to visit if your craving diner food with a fun environment. They're known for their tatter tots, so before we'd even looked at the menu, our appetizer order was in.  For me, Berry Berry Yummy Pancakes were sided with a Cotton Candy Circus Shake.  And Shivam had a Cookie Monster Shake and a Mr. Gobble's Terrific Turkey Burger with fries.  If the food names alone don't make you want to plan a pit stop, it's prices were pretty reasonable too.  The final bill compared with IHOP's prices.  I'd say my only  problem with Big Daddy's was the music; they played today's hits when '80s songs would have fit in better with the ambiance.  

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