Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dim Sum Dining

I've lived in Chinatown for almost a year, but before Sunday dim sum dining was a total mystery.  I'd seen the advertisements plastered to the windows and noticed the large crowds gathered outside, but never before had I made the plunge to see what all the fuss was about.

Although I'm a huge fan of most Chinese meals, my utter distain of all things seafood kept me from going by myself.  For weeks now, I've been pestering my friend Susan to go with me, and finally, she broke down.

Located at 20th Elizabeth Street (between Canal and Bayard Street) we made our way to the Jing Fong Restaurant. As I suspected, Susan perfectly differentiated between the dishes, ordering sides she suspected I'd like.  We started with spring rolls and pork buns before diving deep in an order of Chinese barbecue.  She couldn't leave without fried chicken feet, but I instead opted for watercress cake.  For dessert, we were hoping for mango pudding, but we learned the hard way it's a crowd favorite and sells out quickly.  The coconut-tarot jello was an appetizing alternative though.  
Here, Susan's being an expert chopstick user as she eats her Chinese barbecue. 
The watercress cakes were surprisingly good. 
A note to meatless eaters, unless your willing to be a flexitarian for the day, dim sum's not for you.   But, if you can stomach carnivorous eating, I'd say a trip to Chinatown should certainly be on everyone's to do list.  Be prepared; unless you go with a big group, you'll probably share a table with another party. But the atmosphere is great, and the price is just right if your on a college student budget.  For less than $15 each, we ordered 8 portion-perfect plates.

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