Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Farm with a View

Urban Green Thumbs are Constantly at Work 
In the need of fresh, farm-picked produce.  Well, just because we live in New York doesn't mean we have to sacrifice.  Located in Long Island City, Brooklyn Grange is the world's largest rooftop farm.  Today's video shoot with NBC took me on a tour of the urban acre. 

Clucking chickens, rows of vegetables, and blooming buds can be found, all with the  Empire State Building in the background.  Next to the  mushroom harvest, bees buzz.  And an old wooden table with seating for 70 runs down the middle.  

Stop by the farm on Wednesdays from 1-6pm for free rooftop access.  And check out the farm stand where you'll be able to snag a bag of in-season crops, like tomatoes or strawberries.  

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  1. I absolutely love your posts! I hope all is well!!