Sunday, July 1, 2012

Feeling Brave?

I finally did it. I made the plunge and paid $14 for a movie ticket.  No 3-D or Imax vision here.  Nope, $14 is just the price for your average, 2-D theatre ticket here in NYC.  So what made me pay such an outlandish price...just Disney/Pixar's latest collaboration Brave.

It just came out June 22nd, so there's still plenty of time to see this new type of fairytale.  It's the story of Merida, a princess who's up for an adventure.  This Scottish lass is less worried about winning Prince Charming's heart and more concerned with beating potential suitors in an archery competition. Of course this family flick is just perfect if you have a youngster at home. But I'll have you know I wasn't the only college-aged kiddo there.  Don't wait until Brave comes to DVD; make the movie-theater trek for this film. 

Seeing as how I resisted the urge to buy a way-to-expensive bucket of popcorn from AMC, I decided to reward myself with a quick trip to Shake Sqaure in Madison Square Park.  Their extra frothy strawberry shake was just what I needed to beat the heat.  Paired with a side of cheese fries, the total price was less than 10 dollars. I'd call it a reasonably priced Sunday treat. And, don't let the long lines steer you clear. They move pretty quick, and the scrumptious food is worth the wait.
Seriously, so tasty! 

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