Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Update With Pictures

3 days down without electricity or water below 39th Street, so I've traded in my comfy Chinatown room for an army cot in Kimmel.  For NYU students, our activities center has been turned into a refugee camp.  It's one of the only locations where toilets are flushing, and hot food's being served.  But, we're making the best of it.  And, now that I'm clean--I literally just went to a random girl's room and asked if I could borrow her shower--all's well in the world.

And as for documentation...
Poor teddy bear.  This lonely guy reminded me of Lots O Huggin' Bear. 
And as we walked up Lafayette Street, trees were down all around.
The Houston Street Silver Spurs provided me with my first hot meal post-Frankenstorm.  Sure, they may have been lacking power, but their grilled cheese sandwiches and sweet potato french fries were delicious.  
"You are more than what you are going through"...words to live by--courtesy of random residents on the 9th floor. 
And as the rain rises, sandbags decorate the Lower East Side.
As we walked down West Broadway, the Barola flag was completely shredded. 
The traffic lights are out. 
And Broadway's dark tonight...those are just car headlights. 
And here's my new home.  Of the 500 sleeping in Kimmel, about 50 cots are lined up on the 5th Floor of GCASL.  My new "bedroom" may not have walls, but it should be no surprise that the polka dots are present.
And here's our first glimpse at civilization.  Starting at 26th Street traffic lights are present if you're on the East Side, but everything past Broadway is total darkness until 39th Street.  Frankenstorm's literally divided the town into two Manhattans.

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