Friday, November 23, 2012

What Would You Do For A Good Deal?

As the clock struck 10, I snapped a picture mid-frenzy. 

While a trip to Walmart is itself a noteworthy task for someone whose normal full supermarket could fit in just their toiletries section, today it's making the blog because of Black Friday shopping. I'm well aware of all the controversy behind their Thursday, 8pm open time. But if you're a poor college student like me, being there right when the doorbusters began was an absolute must.

The entire Walmart parking lot was a motor city madhouse.  Every buggie was in use, and teenagers were camped out in the electronics section waiting for the latest Assassins Creed to go on super sale. And there I was smack dab in the middle of about your kick off to the holiday season!

My mom wanted a super fancy 23 piece Paula Deen cookware set, and it had to be in robin egg blue. So, I elbowed toothless rednecks and grey-haired grannnies alike to secure my perfect present. Originally retailing for more than $200, I got it for less than 100.  

Then, it was off to the freezer section.  Electronics were going on sale at 10pm, and the line wrapped around three grocery aisles.  Again, we were successful!  
We stood by the Mayfield Peppermint Stick ice cream for so long.  As the clocked kept ticking, the new flavor looked better and better. 

Becky was a little tired, so she decided to take a nap on a cameo dog bed! 
After waiting in the checkout line for a good 30 minutes, we finally made it to the check-out register. My mom bought Becky and I two candy bars each, warning we had a lot more hours of intense shopping to go.  She wasn't missing a good deal because we were feeling sluggish.  Officially, I now know how Honey Boo Boo feels, being force fed Go Go Juice. 

Leaving the Walmartians behind, we made a quick stop at Kohls, but the long line in the cold kept us moving. It was off to Belk where boots were selling for $19.99.  If last night's any indication, every woman in Macon, GA will be wearing one of five pairs of high, Rampage boots. 
Way to many to wait in line at Kohls. 
But we were willing to wait in the Belk line. 
Talk about your shoe madness! 
Around 2am, my six Reese's cup were wearing thin.  We had two options--either buy more candy or head home.  Thank goodness, we chose the later! 

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