Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Yes, News Does Exist Post Election Day

News. News.  And more News.  After an entire week living South of Power, I'm relieved to say over the past three days I've spent a grand total of 25 hours in the newsroom!  I'm up to date on the latest headlines and couldn't be happier!  So, just incase you've missed it, here's the news you need to know.

Obama Wins
Of course, the biggest headline of the day is President Obama.  After more than 100 million Americans cast their ballots in the heavily contested race, it's four more years in the White House for the Democrats.
As the final results were tallied, I was on the 6th floor of 30 Rock, busily cropping photos and writing captions for the Road to the White House gallery.  But, just outside, the famous Rockefeller Center was transformed into Democracy Plaza. 
And, here's what the ice looked like before the electoral votes were decided.  
Boehner Chats on Trimming National Deficit  
In an effort to avoid the fiscal cliff hanging over Congress and the rest of the country, House Speaker John Boehner said Wednesday that he's willing to work with Democrats and accept new revenue increases "under the right conditions." Just one day after President Obama won a second term in office, Boehner's remarks could signal House Republicans are more willing to negotiate a budget deal now that the 2012 election season is over. "If there is a mandate in yesterday's results, it is a mandate for us to find a way to work together on solutions to the challenges we face together as a nation," Boehner said in the press conference. He did not specify where the increased revenue would come from, but suggested possible sources: "Does the increased revenue come from government taking a larger share of what the American people earn through higher tax rates? Or does it come as the byproduct of a growing economy, energized by a simpler, cleaner, fairer tax code, with fewer loopholes, and lower rates for all?" Still, he said he has not changed his position against raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans.

This Little Thing Called a Nor'easter
With its heavy rain and wet snow, the nor'easter inflicted another round of damages for thousands of people still reeling form Superstorm Sandy. As the intense storm blustered into New York and New Jersey, some 22,000 new power outages have been reported. The Long Island Rail Road stopped commuter trains again, and airlines canceled at least 1,300 U.S. flights in and out of the metropolitan area. "I am waiting for the locusts and pestilence next," New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said. "We may take a setback in the next 24 hours." Under ordinary circumstances, a storm of this magnitude would not be ca

California Man Behind Anti-Muslim Film Receives Prison Sentence 
The California man behind the anti-Muslim video that led to violence across the Middle East has been sentenced to one year in prison, reports the Associated Press. Mark Basseley Youssef faces jail time for violating probation from a 2010 bank fraud conviction. On Wednesday, Youssef was immediately sentenced after admitting to four violations. None of the transgressions have been linked with content from "Innocence of the Muslims," his film depicting Mohammed as a religious fraud, pedophile, and womanizer.

Random, but for those of y'all who know my dad,
do you see the resemblance too? 
And just for fun...

Tom Hanks Plays Walt Disney?  
Name a role Tom Hanks can't play?  Yeah; I couldn't think of one either.  Recently,  the two-time Academy Award winner has been spotted with new facial hair while promoting his latest flick, Cloud Atlas.  And finally, the mystery behind the stylish stache has been revealed.  He'll be playing Walt Disney is the upcoming drama "Saving Mr. Banks."  The film follows Disney's 14-year effort in persuading the author of Mary Poppins to sell the book's movie-making rights. Don't expect to learn much more about the man behind the mouse; its story instead revolves around the difficulties behind the classic, like Dick Van Dykes's epic battle with the English accent.

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