Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's a Hard Knock Life!

Love the new Logo! 
As the countdown for Thanksgiving break narrows, my school work is piling up!  I should have spent the day busy in Bobst.  But what's the point of living in New York City if you can't take advantage of its perks?

The Mayhews (you may remember them from the infamous "Join the Mayhew's Maybe" video) were taking a group of students to see Annie, and when someone backed out at the last minute, I quickly jumped on the Broadway Bandwagon.

No surprise here I'm sure, but the orphans were of course super cute and uber talented.  Miss Hannigan was the ultimate villian, and Daddy Warbucks was the best mean-billionaire turned loving father.  Plus, any show that features a precious pooch is an automatic must-see in my book.  And as for the price, well thanks to the student discount, it only cost me $10!

And just before they sing "It's a Hard Knock Life," the opening stage is set with laundry lines. 

It was too early for an official "Annie" souvenir playbill, so I'll have to settle for my ticket stub.  Although I will admit I paid way to much for a delicious Strawberry Banana Annie Smoothie.

So much merch with "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow." Why am I not a 10 year old with a crazy stage mom who forces me to audition for broadway shows?  
So, I should have been working on a paper, but instead I spent a few hours working on this "Join the Mayhews Maybe" poster.  And, also might I add that in the show, Annie's hair was 100% real.  No disgusting, bright red afros for this show.  Instead, the director prefers natural dos. 

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