Thursday, February 24, 2011

Form of Habit

With two papers due this week and midterms quickly approaching, I haven't really left the dorm much this week.  In fact, I haven't really left the 2nd floor study lounge all that much.  The kids I babysit are skiing in Woodstock for mid-winter break.  So, this week's Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoon have been free for studying.   

Each afternoon, I make a huge cup of coffee and head down stairs.  And, each day, I always sit in this one particular chair.   Made of comfy, dark brown leather, it's the perfect distance from the ethernet cable jack.  And, its close enough to the window to let in a little sunlight without leaving an annoying glare on my computer screen.  Plus, there's a small round table for me to put my books on and prop my feet up.    Basically, it's the perfect place to write a paper.  I found my special spot last semester, and each time I have an 8 pager due, I always return.

Last night, I was on a roll; 6 (of my 8) pages were done.  And I was seriously booking through the rest.  All my ideas were mapped out; I could actually understand my outline, and I'd thumbed through my books enough to figure out which quotes I wanted to use.  But of course, hall council had to meet at 8, so I was booted from the lounge.  Sure, I guess I could have gone back to my room and knocked out the rest, but I figured I'd just finish up the last little bit today.  Instead, I  turned my attention to episodes of  Sex and the City, ate eggplant parmesan, and called it a night. 

 But, when I went to my favorite spot this afternoon, the rabbi who lives in our building was having a play date with his four little kids. Barbie dolls and tea sets were strewn across the floor.  There was no way I was going to be able to concentrate in there.  With the rough draft of my paper due tomorrow, I knew I'd have to walk down the 3 flights of stairs to the sub-cellar.  It would have to do. I'll admit, it did take me a little longer than usual to complete the essay, but it's all done now with 25 hours to spare. 

Anyways, this whole study spot being taken away thing really got me thinking.  College students are such creatures of habit.  Just like in high school where you'd sit with the same group of kids at the same table each day at lunch, the seat you pick on the start of the semester is yours for the whole 14 weeks.  And people get quite pissy if you try to move.  

The same with food.  Every morning, the very first thing I do when I get out of the shower is fix a cup of coffee. Paired with oatmeal, its my breakfast staple.  And on Thursdays, I always have lunch at the Chinese station at Kimmel.  

Really, I'm so darn predictable and set in my ways. Sometimes I just wish for a little spontaneity.  Maybe this whole changing chairs was a step in the right direction?  Maybe I'm just overanalyzing it? Regardless, a little shakeup in the routine never killed anybody.  

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