Monday, February 7, 2011

Warmer Weather brings Alarming Assignment

Just as my roommate Jen says, these last two days have been spring teasers. For the first time in weeks, I was able to leave my dorm without weighty winter wear.  No winter boots here; just cute beaded blue flats for my feet.  Maybe the groundhog was right, and we will have an early spring?

Of course the beautiful weather did bring one downside.  As I walked into my journalism class, my professor told the class it was the day for our first timed writing assignment.  Our class of 12 had only 30 minutes to wander the Village streets asking passer-byes if they would continue to read the traditional newspaper even though media growth is aimed at electronic reading devices.

Just so you know, the results were split.  50% of polled New Yorkers were adamantly opposed towards turning to the computer.  One NYU professor even said, "Newspapers are now more important than ever.  I love the smell of the older generation. I'm keeping mine in print."  Of course, he did happen to say this as he was tapping away on his Blackberry.

In total, my article was only 6 lines.  Sure, it wasn't my best work, but the assignment did help me get over my fear of walking up to strangers on the street and having a conversation.  I'm approached 10 people in New York City, and no one bit my head off.  Everyone I approached was super friendly and willing to talk. Thank goodness!

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