Monday, February 21, 2011

A Fluffy Fixation

So, I have an addiction, and I know the first step towards recovery is admittance. 
 So, here it goes...

To Many and Yet Never Enough
Don't worry it's not drugs or alcohol, or even shopping.  Oh no, my addiction is fluffy and colorful and filled with goose feathers.  Yep, my addiction is throw pillows.  Currently on my bed resides 11 pillows of all different shapes and sizes:
     1 bolster pillow
     2 star-shaped pillows
     3 ball pillows
     4 standard sized pillows
     1 pillow with arm rests
Perhaps you're comparing the number of fluffy linens resting on your own bed to mine;  maybe they're just about equal.  Of course, there's a difference here...I have a twin-sized bed.  Literally, all these fluffy pillows take up half my bed.  And, it's not even like I use them for sleeping; on the contrary as soon as the pajamas come out, they're tossed to the floor.  They're to just big and bulky for actual use, but having them rest on my bed sure does make me happy.  Really, I hate leaving my dorm without making my bed, complete with every pillow in its proper place.

And while I know I already have way to many, it's not like I want to stop this ridiculous obsession. Just this past week the Good Housekeeping Research Institute sent an email announcing free pillows were up for grabs.  Immediately, I hit the elevator button, traveled to the 29th floor, and snagged a Tempur-Pedic Cloud Pillow.  I just checked the retail value, $129, and still I can't believe mine was free.  Seriously, GH may not pay their interns with cold hard cash, but they certainly reward us with all these pricey freebies.    

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