Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mommy Makes a Trip to Manhattan

To celebrate my 20th Birthday, my mom left Macon for a few days and made the trek to the Big Apple.  Although her Thursday flight had a two hour delay, she safely made it to My City, luggage and all.  I had work in the afternoon RALI interviews that eventing.  So, we weren't really able to catch up on all the latest gossip until I arrived back at the hotel that evening.  We indulged in delicious Chinese food from Suzie's, watched Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice, then called it a night.  Both of us were exhausted and in need of a peaceful evening in.

Picture from For the Love of Duke

In search of the perfect prom purse for Becky, Friday was spent wandering about the city. We had lunch at the Macy's Cellar and creepily stared at shoppers from the Starbucks cafe.  We shopped at Anthropologie, where Mom bought me a cute dress for Becky's graduation party.  And, I found a girly, navy frock to wear for Good Housekeeping. After walking for hours, we took a cab to Lincoln Center.  The New York City Ballet was performing 3 pieces at the David Koch Theater:  Mozartiana, The Magic Flute, and For the Love of Duke.  Absolutely beautiful and incredibly graceful; those are the only words that could even begin to describe the performance.  Although our seats were in the nosebleed section, the $20 tickets were well worth their price. 

On Saturday morning, we had a relaxing morning at the hotel. I tried to catch up on some reading, and mom planted crops on Farmville.  We left the hotel to make our two o'clock showing of The Lion King.  Last year, we saw the fabulous Mary Poppins, so our expectations were quite high.  Of course, they were matched!  We weren't watching people dressed in zebra print; it really seemed like the cast were actual animals.  Plus, my grandmother, Ma, had given us fabulous seats for our birthdays...exact middle on the front row of the mezzanine.  Dinner was had at TGIFriday's.  And, we ended the day with cupcakes from Crumbs bakery and a showing of Charlie St.Cloud.  However, the funniest thing happened when I told Mom we needed to make a trip to Gramercy so I'd be able to grab clothes for today.  It was already 8:30, and we were 15 blocks and 4 avenues away from my dorm. So her suggestion was just to buy a new outfit. So, that's just what we did. We used my GAP gift card on a new shirt, and my Victoria Secret's gift card on 5 for $25 pink panties. 
My Favorite Book 

Unfortunately, today was her departure.  Before she left, we drank coffee and read my favorite book, The 12 Dances Princesses.  Ever since I was a little girl, we'd always read it on special occasions-birthdays, graduations, 1st days of school, etc.  

She just sent me a text saying she safely landed in Atlanta.  I'm proud to say, no tears were shed as I saw her cab drive away.  I know I'll see her in about a month for Spring Break. I'm just so glad she was able to leave the family for a few days for a visit! 

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