Monday, April 18, 2011

Airport Art, Flower-Filled Bathtubs and Foreign Films

Last night, at 9:40pm I took a plane back to NYC from Atlanta.  After a quick Georgia fix (complete with sweet tea and a screening of Gone With the Wind), I was off to the Big Apple for another 26 days before I'm home for the summer.  After the security check point, I usually take the airport tram to the B terminal.  But, for some reason, last night my departure gate was located in E...the international section.  Truly, I discovered it's the hidden jewel of Hartsfield-Jackson International.  There's a full-fledged food court and awesome art.  Right now, they're showcasing artwork made from discarded plane materials.  Here are a few of my favorite pieces:  
This Skirt Was Made from Used Plane Tires
The Jacket's Fabric Comes from Delta Seat Cushions

After getting back to Gramercy at 1:30am, the absolute last thing I wanted to do this morning was go to a 9:30 American History class.  Little did I realize, I drank my last cup of coffee before my plane ride to Georgia, so waking up this morning was no easy task.  By the time 2:30pm rolled around and it was time for work, I was absolutely exhausted!  Thank goodness the kids I babysit are on spring break; basking in the glory of down time, all they wanted to do was read.  I literally had to bribe Oliver with a piece of banana bread to leave the house.  After an hour-long trip to his favorite book store, Court Books, he was begging me to please take him home.  Not even the new book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series could keep his attention.  However, on our walk home, Oliver was absolutely fascinated by a flower-filled bathtub.  We had to take pictures of the peculiar Brooklyn pairing.

Looking at the Flowers
After work, I was supposed to go watch this foreign film about Germany's memory of the Holocaust.  Of course, a professor checked it out until the end of the semester.  What to do, what to do?  So, I'm now back in my dorm room watching the 1959 romantic classic Diary of a High School Bride for my internship assignment.  Oh, the joys of Netflix; seriously the best $7.99 a month a girl can spend.

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