Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Hodge-Podge of Sorts, But It's All So Southern

There's a line from Sweet Home Alabama that constantly keeps playing in my mind:  "You can take the girl out of the South, but you can never take the South out of the girl."  Today's post is kind of a hodge-podge of events all rolled into one, but they're all super Southern.  
So Retro!

First off, has anyone seen Google's homepage today?  Oh, how much I learn from google's cool graphics.  Apparently, today marks the 119th Anniversary of the first documented Ice-Cream Sundae.      Might I say this picture is absolutely adorable and looks quite delicious!  

 I'm sure quite a few teacher bulletin boards  read "Spring has Sprung.  April is officially here; today I got to wear flip-flops are capris (Heck Yes!).  Therefore, I think this finally time for me post directions for the most adorable Easter craft ever!

Of course, it's from an old issue of Good Housekeeping.  I found it
when I was going through the archives room a few months ago and have
been waiting for Spring to post it! 

Sock Hoppers-To craft these cottontails, gathr patterned single socks, a needle, thread, felt, polyester stuffing (from a fabric store), and scissors.  Turn sock inside out; snip down the middle of the toe; stitch each "ear" closed.  Flip sock right-side out; stuff; sew closed 9you can also knot the ears as on our blue bunny). Add features in felt.

On a completely different note, for both my Journalism and Modern American History classes, our final assignments require quite a bit of research.  To make it a little bit more bearable, my professors suggested we write about something that interests us, so of course I turned to the South for my inspiration.

For my investigative reporting piece, I'll be looking at the popular fast food chain Chick-fil-A, which has its only NYC location in Weinstein Residence Hall.  Since mid-January, it's been taking heat due to connections with the Pennyslvania Family Institue, an organization that strongly opposes gay rights.  The company is know for its Christian values:  all Chick-fil-A branches remain closed on Sunday for religious observances.  But, the NYU LGBT office has received complaints from students and alumni who think Chick-fil-A should be removed from campus in light of its connections to organizations that strongly oppose gay rights.  It's relevant, it's newsworthy; I just hope my professor agrees.  FYI, according to my informal survey, Chick-fil-A's honey mustard has been voted the favorite side sauce.  And, if you go to NYU, please take a few seconds to answer my survey.  It can be found at

For Modern American History, we were asked to write a 5-7 page paper on American memory.  Some students decided to write about Pearl Harbor; others choose 9/11, while still more thought about the Dust Bowl.  My mind, however, drifted to Coke.  Now, I'm not quite sure if the fact that my class meets at 8am and I had a complete lack of caffeine that morning triggered it, but immediately the ruby red can came to my mind.  It's certainly part of our American identity, right?  And the secret formula only fuels the mystery behind this delicious beverage.  And, the fact that the World of Coke is located in ATL definitely peeks my.

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