Friday, April 29, 2011

USA vs. UK

He Caught a Pop Fly
Oh how I remember the good old days of 9th grade PE where the coaches would yell at us because our running time was too slow, or our aim was just a little too off for his taste.  I absolutely hated getting all sweaty and ruining my hair, and frankly I thought my hours in the outfield would never pay off.  Well, I was wrong.  This past week Oliver, the little boy I babysit, and I have been spending our afternoons on the baseball field.  In preparation for his big game this Saturday, I've been throwing pitches and chasing after his home-runs.  And the weird part is, I'm actually enjoying it.  I even caught myself agreeing to a practice round yesterday in the pouring rain!  Of course, I'm no where near as good as Olie, so he lent me his dad's glove and a baseball and told me to practice over the weekend.  Perhaps I shouldn't have quit softball after second grade?

Kate's Dress is Officially
Out of the Bag 

Sure America may have baseball, but I sure do wish I was in London today!  Seriously, how awesome is all this Royal Wedding hype.  Kate's Alexander McQueen dress was absolutely beautiful, and Prince William looked rather dashing in his bright red military uniform.  Although it may seem the  true Cinderella story, Kate and Will's courtship wasn't always so picture perfect, at least that's what I got from watching the Lifetime Original Movie William and Kate:  Let Love Rule.  But enough about the negative, I just hope they have their own Happily Ever After.

Sorry, but I couldn't resist posting a few Royal Wedding Crafts and Decor that I found on the GH website:
In the spirit of DIY, you can even make your own Royal Wedding Party (complete with the Queen's corgis).  With the help of Fiona Gables new book, Knit Your Own Royal Wedding, create easy-to-knit dolls of the blushing bride and her handsome husband.  The book is available at for only $10.95!  

This kitchy keepsake of "Kate and William Paper Dolls" features seven outfits for each of them.  Available at for only $9.99, they would serve as the perfect centerpiece for a Royal Wedding Themed party.  

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