Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Silver Building and New Artwork

Yesterday was deemed Propaganda Paper Saturday; I was going to be super productive and write this amazing 8 page paper about the American media directly after Pearl Harbor.  I'd done tons of research, but when in came down to actually formulating a topic, I just wasn't very inspired.

See, Students Really Can't Use This Entrance,
Unless of Course They're Filming a Movie
Instead, I rode the elevator down 15 flights and visited the Duane Reade directly below my building.  Of course, the Redbox pickings were rather slim; it was 11am on a Saturday morning.  And the movie I wanted to rent, Never Let Me Go, was still missing.  So, I got that sappy, Robert Pattinson video Remember Me instead.  For those of you who haven't seen it, don't bother spending the $1.  Of course, I knew the story line was going to be super predictable and cheesy, but what really made me made was their portrayal of the NYU Silver Building.  In the movie, they repeatedly had characters going in and out of the door facing Washington Square Park.  However, I'll have you know, that entrance is always locked.  And  students NEVER get to waltz through buildings as they please.  An NYU security guard is posted at every entrance, and students are  required to flash their ID card before entering each building.  Really Hollywood, I know we have a cool campus and all, but if you're going to have it in movies at least give it an accurate depiction.  

 On a completely different note...As I was walking to church this morning, I passed the Steinhardt building.  A new window display caught my eye, and I just had to document my findings.  Even at NYU, the most secular school in the country, God's presence can be found.

  I really liked the posting that said,
 "God is Like Maxwell House Good to the very last drop. 

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