Saturday, April 30, 2011

Best Babysitting Saturday

Is it bad that my favorite Saturday this semester was spent with a second and fourth grader?  Today, I watched my Pastor's two children, Chloe and Jonathan.  I got to their house at 10am and just got home.  Sure, it was a long day, but I made some serious bank.  But the best part of the whole babysitting for 11 hours deal was just having a day to relax.  As I'm sure you've realized from my constant stressed-filled posts, this semester has been no easy feat.  It was just so nice to have a day to indulge in mindless cartoons, play boardgames, eat junk food, and well just be a kid in New York City.

This Life-Sized Puppet was
Right Beside the Wicked Booth
Today marked the Tribeca Family Film Festival.  Because of its free admission, Wall Street was swarming with pint-sized New Yorkers.  Our first stop was a long line at the Italian Ice Cart; the flavor of choice was Rainbow.  Next, we took pictures of parading puppets and visited the make your own kite tent.  The windy  weather was perfect for flying, not too cold but enough so that our new kites would  successfully take off.  We also stopped at the arts and crafts booth and made shiny pinwheels and foam visors.  Around mid-afternoon, we headed back to their apartment but not before we sampled delicious red velvet cupcakes and watched a few street performers.

Why Yes that is a Band Playing on Stilts
Shrek Sandcastle Display

After a game of the Lego board game, Creationary, the three of us spent the rest of the day watching High School Musical I and II.  Although I was a little reluctant to babysit with finals a week away, I'm so glad I did.  Sure, I'm a little stressed now and have to write two papers tomorrow, but it was certainly worth it.  Sometimes, you just need to watch a few episodes of Phineas and Ferb, leave the dorm room for the day, buy yourself a sweet treat, and enjoy all the free stuff this City has to offer!

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