Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Best Easter Ever!

After a stressful weekend of writing a paper comparing Germany's Memory of the Holocaust with Georgia's Memory of the Civil War, I finally changed out of my sweats and left the building this morning for City Grace's Easter message.  Our worship leader played the typical Easter songs and our pastor preached the typical Easter sermon (both of which I absolutely love don't get me wrong), but I was just so excited for what was happening afterward that I was a little absentminded during the first half of the service.  Today, April 24th, 2011, was my baptism day.  Sure, when I was two weeks old my parents had me baptized, but today was my decision.  It was my chance to tell everyone in attendance that "hey I believe in Jesus and He's  done amazing things in my life."  Quite a celebration, huh?  So, along with my friend Carley, I went up in front of the whole church, gave a short testimony about all that God's done in my life over the past two years and was sprinkled with water.  It was absolutely wonderful to have my friends there with me on this special day as well; it really meant a lot to me to have their support.  I know today was only a symbol of my commitment, but for some reason I just feel different!
Why Yes That is a Stamp With My Sister's Face on It!
After church, I had lunch at a dinning hall-pancakes, home fries, and chocolate cheesecake-and the rest of the afternoon's been spent studying. With less than three weeks left until the semester ends, it's seriously crunch time.  But, before I cracked open the books, I went to the mailbox and found my invitation to Becky's high school graduation! I seriously can't believe she's about to head off to University of Florida.  She's supposed to always stay my baby sister; I don't know if I'm ok with her growing up.  As I munch on my Yellow Marshmallow Peeps, I can't help but be excited for her future a my much deserved break.

On a completely unrelated not, for my journalism class this week, we had to write an Easter/Passover story, and seeing as how everyone loves the sweet treats Spring brings, I thought I'd share mine with y'all:
And so the Debate over the Best Easter Treat Continues 

New Yorkers named Cadbury Eggs as their favorite Easter treat, according to an informal survey. 

The caramel-filled chocolate sweet took 60% of the votes, with Marshmallow Peeps following close behind.  

“During the Easter season I probably buy four or five caramel eggs,” said NYU sophomore Jen Barbosa.  “Although when I was younger, I used to get an entire basket full of them.” 

Unfortunately, 23rd Street’s shortage off eggs kept Barbosa from indulging in his favorite seasonal snack this year.

Both the CVS and Duane Reade on 3rd Avenue ran out of Cadbury Eggs two weeks before April 24th, according to store employees.  However, they suggested Russell Stover Cream Eggs as a delicious substitute.  

With a suggested retail price of $1 each, Cadbury eggs were 25¢ more than their Russell Stover substitute.

When the Peeps rang up, 75¢ was the total cost for five yellow marshmallow chicks.  

“I hope the Easter bunny brings me Peeps in my basket,” said seven-year-old Oliver Jackson, while his sister, Sophie, expected pastel candy corn.  

When describing why he loves Peeps, NYU sophomore, Michael Spinelli, said, “They are delicious, sugary goodness. Plus, you can watch them blow up in the microwave.”

Too old to ruin the microwave but want-in on the fun?  Head over to “Peep World” and build your own.   

To Sum It All Up... 

The Easter Treat
Calories per Serving
Peeps (Pack of 5 Chicks)
Cadbury Egg
Russell Stover Egg

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