Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Je ne parle pas français!

Translation:  I do not speak french!

The Story of My Life 
As much as I love the Eiffel Tower and Beauty and the Beast, let's face it, I'm absolutely 100% horrible at learning french.  There's just something about the language that keeps me from grasping whatever it is I'm supposed to be saying.  I've been to tutors, studied the textbook, and done online quizzes.  Nonetheless, I feel like a complete idiot when it comes to class.  I'm seriously hating NYU right now for making me take two semesters of this stuff, every morning at 8am might I add.  My professor last year at least tried to make it fun, but I feel like this semester it's more about embarrassing those of us who struggle.  This is only my third week back, and already I'm counting down the days until I can sell  back my textbook, burn all my notes, and forever be done with French.

And another thing; I'm quite sure if I ever do make my way to Paris the last thing I'll need to know is where someone's great grandmother buys her shoes.  Just teach me important phrases (like how much is the coffee), and I'll be set!

I'm sorry to be venting.  But  I just looked at the directions for an upcoming assignment, and I'm pretty sure I should just go ahead and count on another check minus.

But I shouldn't over exaggerate.  There are a few good things about the class.  Five or six people from  last semester are in it with me.  We reminisce about the good ol' days of French 1 and shoot each other confused looks when our professor says something way over our heads.  Also, we watched this cool music video called "Alors on Danse" featuring Stromae.   

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