Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Week in Leggings

I Must Resist!  
Happy Fat Tuesday...oh wait, that was two days ago.  But have no fear, for the season of Lent is here.  Yesterday, you probably saw people with black crosses on their foreheads.  Or like me, you may already be contemplating if you can really go 40 days without eating sweets.  Why is it that whenever I make my way to a vending machine my favorite candy (Reese's) are there?  The delicious duo of chocolate and peanut butter can usually never be found, but the moment I decide to take a hiatus, there they sit.

If she can rock it, why can't I? 
Well, at least I still have coffee.  With midterms underway, my daily number of cups has practically doubled.  All these verb conjugations and conditional phrases are making my head spin.  Again, I ask NYU why the language requirement?

Literally, I'm counting down the minutes until 9:15 tomorrow morning.  Once I turn in my exam, I'll finally put on real pants again.  Most of my Southern Facebook friends post "when will girls realize leggings aren't pants," but to them I say don't knock it until you try it.  When you're scrunched up on a too tiny armchair with all your notes, the only thing on your mind is comfort.  And I'm sorry, but no jeans (not even pajama jeans or jeggings) can top the stretchy fabric of leggings.

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