Friday, February 17, 2012

My First Week at The Times

Whew...this week has been a whirlwind of beauty products and sample sizes, for it was not only my first week at The New York Times but also Spring 2012 Fashion Week.  Basically, every day was filled with complete craziness.  While my boss was busy viewing the latest Marc Jacobs or Ralph Lauren collection, I was on the 6th floor of The Times building on 42nd Street and 6th Avenue. 

Starting Monday I'll actually get to write for their blog (or so I've been told), but this week it was all about organizing the beauty closet.  When I was first shown the closets-there's nine in total-they were literally nothing more than an endless supply of paper bags with designer logos decorating the outside.  Tissue paper wrapped the precious products, but thanks to just the shear number of bags, it would have been impossible to quickly differentiate between anti-aging cream and sparkly nail polish.  Well, three work days and 30 Rubbermaid containers later, I'm glad to say my task is complete.

One of the greatest perks of the massive cleanup was the fact that I got to keep anything that caught my eye.  I bagged two Clinique lipsticks, some Dior powder, and crazy turquoise eyeliner from MAC. 

I also got to transcribe an interview with this crazy new artist named Adel.  It's a little funny.  I come straight from my French class to work, so when I was asked if I could understand a Parisian accent, how could I not laugh?  Half of his answers were said his French.  I'm sure my professor will be happy to know I was actually able to comprehend and translate most of what he said. 

Sure, it may not be sports writing or broadcast work, but I'm thinking I can get used to this kind of work.  If only there were more hours in the day, I might actually get to have a life again.  But, at least my day's are fun  and filled with fabulous findings.    

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