Saturday, February 4, 2012

You Only Have One 21st Birthday!

Even though I was supposed to have an 8am class yesterday morning, I was convinced to go out by six little words..."you only have one 21st birthday."  And you know what, my friends were right.  As the stroke of midnight hit on February 2nd, I was drinking a Long Island Ice Tea at Winnie's, this crazy karaoke bar conveniently located within walking distance to Lafayette.  For only $1 a song, we sang the likes of everything from "I Want to Hold Your Hand" to "The Circle of Life."

But I wasn't the only one with a birthday, this guy named Luke was celebrating his 32nd.  Some where in the night we sang a duet together; I'm just hoping my crazy renditions don't magically end up on YouTube.  A few hours (and legal drinks) later, we stopped off at Whiskey Tavern for a pickleback shot before I went to bed.  Right then, I made the executive decision that I'd be skipping French.

But surprisingly, I made it to my 9:30 class.  After discussing Japan's Occupation following WWII for what seemed like years, a Kimmel burrito was what I was really craving.

Yummy Sundae 
A pit stop at Lafayette for a quick nap, then I was off to Brooklyn for babysitting.  Oliver greeted me with a big hug.  Even his teacher wished me a Happy Birthday.  We traded up our typical after school snack of toast and jam for two sundaes from Farmacy, a cute soda fountain shop in Carroll Gardens.  After a speed round of homework and piano, we were off to Tae Kwon Do.  Just as I was getting ready to leave around 6:15, my wonderful kiddos gave me an adorable homemade card, beautiful flowers, and delicious chocolates.  I've heard some horror stories about babysitting children in NYC; I'm just so lucky to be with such a sweet family!

My CO-RA, Michael, and I met for cocktails at a swanky bar 14th Street before grabbing dinner from a dinning hall.

Way to Many Presents
I'd already done the  whole it's my birthday craziness, so all I wanted was a nice quiet night in.  This was the first birthday not spent with my mom, but she set aside special time so we could skype.  Of course, she wanted to see me open up my 21 presents (I get one for every year old I am), and we talked about that days happenings.  

I was all settled to crack open another Japanese text book when Michael called.  He asked if I could come to his room for a quick second.  When I opened up the door most of the Lafayette RAs were there, and a tier of homemade rainbow cupcakes sat on the table.  It was the first surprise party of my life.  Even though it felt super awkward when they sang "Happy Birthday," I was certainly shocked by their sweet gesture.  I just love my RA staff!

My Wonderful Cake! 
Throughout the day, my phone kept blowing up with facebook notifications.  So many people wrote on my wall with well wishes.  All I'm saying is I'm one lucky girl, and I certainly couldn't have asked for a better birthday!

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