Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Day Dedicated to Strawberries?

If you ask me, nothing in this world taste better than a plump, ruby red strawberry.  One bite from the juicy fruit is like a time machine to past summer celebrations, late night cake baking parties, and memories of my great grandmother's kitchen.  Bar known they're my favorite fruit, and could very well compete with PB+Js as my favorite food.  So when I discovered my freshman year that NYU had an entire celebration dedicated to the festive fruit, I seriously couldn't have been happier.  We may not have homecoming or a spring pig roast,  but what we do have is Strawberry Fest.  

We Were Certainly Enjoying Our Pieces of Cake 

I actually ended my internship with The Times a day early to insure I'd be able to make this year's event.  Along with Jamie and our fellow RAs Jeff and Phil, we walked under the giant arch of red balloons and were carted to a Candy Land-esc world of nothing but strawberries.  Sweet Buns with pink filling and 2 cups of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream were the first items sampled.  Of course we also had to stop by the booth handing out cups of strawberries.  But, the real treat was a slice of New York's Longest Strawberry Shortcake.  Stretching an entire block, flavored drizzle, bits of strawberry, and butter-cream icing covered the entire cake.  Sure, it wasn't exactly the best tasting dessert, but the novelty alone was reason enough to wait in the long line.  

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