Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hello There Cupcakes

Sweets in Savannah
If you find yourself in Savannah craving a sweet treat, be sure to stop by Tier Luxury Cakes.  Located next to the Lucas Theatre, Tier's crazy flavors reflect their Southern roots.  There's you're typical red velvet and chocolate, but I'd say step out of your comfort zone and try a whimsical flavor, like Strawberry Lemonade.  Seeing as how it's almost peach season, I tried their Georgia Peach and Vanilla Cupcake...super sweet and delicious!   Their ultra-moist cake had real chunks of fruit mixed in its batter.  And, peach preserve was drizzled atop its sky high icing.  It's definitely the cupcake choice if you're hankering a fix for your sweet tooth, but be sure to ask for some water too.  Might I suggest you also grab it to go and spend some time relaxing in Oglethorpe Square just up the block.

Congrats Grad
All this cupcake eating really made me want to make some for myself.  I wish I could claim this design, but the cute cap and gown topper were inspired by our Lafayette end of the year celebration last week.  Our Residence Hall Director, Nupur, decorated apples with this Reese's Peanut Butter Cup/Hershey's Square treat.  So, when it was my friend's graduation dinner, I knew just how I wanted to decorate my dessert.  

What You'll Need
-Completed, Iced Cupcakes
-Miniature Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
-One Giant Hershey's Bar (it comes with 16 squares, so buy another depending on how many cupcakes you're making)
-Brown Icing 

It's super simple; start off with cupcakes topped with colored icing of your choosing.  Next, turn your mini Reese's cup upside down and add brown icing to it.  Break up your Hershey's bar into its square, and add a piece to the peanut butter cup.  Put a tab of brown icing on your cap and attach an unraveled section of Twizzlers for the tassel.  Plop the completed graduation hat on your cupcake, and voil√†, a cute cupcake fit for your favorite graduate.  

On an Unrelated Note

I hope you've wished the extra-special women in your life a Happy Mother's Day.  We'll be having a spaghetti dinner with the Tribbles followed by my favorite dessert of Strawberry Shortcake.  As I was chopping up the fruit, look at my neat find.  As I've mentioned in a previous post, strawberries are quite important to our family, so I think the secret heart was quite fitting.

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