Sunday, May 27, 2012

Working at 30 Rock

It's official; I have my own desk at NBC.  Summer 2012 will be spent as an intern for the department called Local Integrated Media.  I'll be resizing photos, writing captions, and editing video for galleries that appear across 10 major markets across the country.  I've only been there a few days, but already it's a step above my last internship with The Times.  At NBC, my bosses treat interns as budding journalists with valuable ideas, not brainless bodies whose only purpose is to restock the beauty closet.  

Wednesday was my first day.  As I walked from the subway to the golden doors of 30 Rockefeller Center, the usual hoards of people were waiting to catch a glimpse of Ann and Al from The Today Show.  But, I marched right past them, posed for my ID, and was sent to the 6th floor.  Unfortunately, the elevator I was told to take took me to the "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" studio, not the office.  It looked just like the set of "30 Rock. " But eventually, my boss found me and showed me where I was actually supposed to go.  After being there for only a few minutes, she gave me my first assignment:  write captions about the 51 contestants competing for the crown on Miss USA.

Well, I clicked on this morning, and guess what's leading the entertainment tab... my gallery!   A story I did on my first day is raking in rating results!

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