Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Good Day for Broadcast

Talk about your heart attack waiting to happen! 

It's been a good day to be a broadcast major!

First things first.  My final journalism assignment for advanced reporting was due.  So, after turning that in, a huge weight's been lifted.  Surprise. Surprise. My professor actually like it.

I was assigned the topic of obesity.  We hear it everyday; America's getting bigger.  Two-thirds of the country's population are considered obese.  So, I report on ways to change these statistics.

Despite my original speculation, I think it turned out alright?

On to the other exciting bit on information.  A piece NBC wanted to use for its website had great video, but it's sound was done in German.  So, my advisor asked me if I'd mind writing a quick script and doing the package's voiceover.  Tomorrow, it'll run in the spotlight position in all our 10 markets!  But you can grab a sneak peek of it here.  Warning:  it's about flying christmas trees!

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