Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's Tea Time in Georgia

It's the 27th of December.  Tree bottoms are bare of presents.  Relatives are making their way home.  Holiday movies are no longer playing on ABC Family, and we've all eaten more sugary sweets than necessary.

At my house it's all about the baked goods.  From 7-Layer Cookies and Grandma Thublin's Shortbread to Chocolate Fudge and Homemade Sugar Cookies, it should be no surprise my mom had me buy 10 pounds of sugar during our pre-Christmas grocery shopping trip.  And this year, we started a new tradition that showcases our sweets.

Throughout 2012,  my mom's been collected vintage china in Petit Point.  The "embroidered" cups and saucers set the stage for our grown-up tea party.  No drinking out of the spout for Joseph; no, it was a fancy affair of raised pinkies, petite sandwiches, and of course dessert.

So many sweets made their way to our table! 
Paired alongside our normal noms were Glazed Pecans.  Besides my daily spoonful of Jif Extra Crunchy, I'm really not much of a nut person, but perhaps this recipe's turned me.


-2 cups pecans

-2 egg whites

-1 tbsp water

-1 cup sugar

-1 tsp. cinnamon

-1 tsp. salt

Directions:  First things first, preheat the oven to 225 degrees and wrap your cookie sheet with a piece of aluminum foil.  Then, put your egg whites and water in a bowl, beating the pair until it turns frothy.  Add in your pecans, coating their exterior.  Next, in a separate bowl, mix together the sugar, cinnamon, and salt.  When they're blended together add it to your wet pecans.  Stir until your pecans are generously drenched in the mixture.  Place the nuts onto your cookie sheet, and place it in the oven.  Let it bake for about an hour, stirring every 15 minutes.

And, you're done.  Candied, glazed pecans for dessert (or as a side dish at your very own grown up tea party).

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