Sunday, December 30, 2012

Seafood in Tifton!

Daddy's Dish
Is a trip down I-75 in your near future? If so, be sure to stop off at Georgia's  Exit 62 for a meal at Charles' Seafood. Serving Tifton locals since 1970, its  dishes are delicious with plentiful portions.

Now, be warned. It's decor won't be making its way into an interior design magazine anytime soon.  Wood paneling plasters the walls with painted landscape scenes resting above.  On wall shelves lives fishing nets and gator heads too.  But their waitresses are all very nice and helpful, each donning a super thick Southern accent.
That man was a little surprised by my picture taking. 
Add in a tall glass of sweet tea to my hushpuppy meal, and it's no surprise I left happy! 
As for the actual eating, well each meal comes with hushpuppies, southern style green beans, and cheese grits. I paired the sides with your normal grilled cheese on wheat while my dad and siblings ordered the proper cuisine.  Becky took an entire plate of stuffed devil crab.   Daddy had fried crab claws.  And, Joseph had the Admiral's Platter, a compilation meal of all their most ordered seafood singles.

Be on the lookout for that sign! 
 When it came time to push away our plates, each of us were full with leftovers to spare.  Considering one of our diners was an always hungry 17-year-old boy, I'd say that's quite a feat.  At just over 50 dollars,  the price was pretty reasonable for a family of four too.

 So again , if you find yourself in South Georgia  be sure to check out Charles' Seafood.

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