Sunday, February 3, 2013

It's Super Bowl Time

Whether it be the Ray Lewis' deer antler allegations or the controversy behind the Harbaugh battle of the brothers, there's no denying the 47th Super Bowl Prep was filled with dramas.  So, come Game Day fans had had enough; they were just ready for some football.

After Alicia Keys' pregame performance, the Baltimore Ravens took the coin toss over the San Francisco 49ers, electing to defer to the second half.  Interesting fact: apparently, more money is put on who will win the coin toss versus all the other Super Bowl bets combined.

Early in the 1st, Joe Flaco fired to Anquan Boldin for a 13 yard TD.  Ravens were first on the board, up 7-0 following the PAT.  But, the 49ers lessened their lead with a FG following an amazing 24 yard pass from Collin Kaepernick pass to Vernon Davis.  For the most part though, penalties and turnovers were killing the Niners early in the game.  Perhaps all the pressure was finally getting to Jim Harbaugh's usually disciplined team?

Baltimore took another touchdown in the 2nd.  After a 75 yard drive, the Baltimore offensive line found themselves deep in the red zone.  Flacco passed to Dennis Pitta, and the Ravens secured an 11 point lead.  It marked Flacco's tenth touchdown of the postseason.

With less than two minutes remaining in the half, the Ravens were on their own 44.  Flacco fired deep to Jacoby Jones.  Without any opposition, Jones ran for nine, straight for the endzone.  Touchdown Eagles, and the extra point was good.  They'd close off  the half, up 21 to 6.

Being an NYU student, I can't tell you how many times this week I've heard "apparently there's some football game at the Beyonce concert."  Well, I think it's safe to say she didn't disappoint those who watched the game for only her performance.  It all started with a pyrotechnic silhouette of Beyonce.  Donning a skin-tight, super short, black, leather and lace leotard number, the always beautiful Beyonce took the Halftime stage belting a mashup of her best tunes.  If nothing else, her Super Bowl performance taught us there's no need to settle for just one Beyonce.  And, midway through Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams made a surprise appearance, reuniting Destiny's Child for a few minutes.  But, not to be out down, Beyonce kicked them off the stage in the middle of "Single Ladies."  I think it's safe to say her lip syncing accusations are behind her.

Just seconds into the 3rd, Jacoby Jones ran from endzone to endzone.   Talk about adding something to your highlight reel!  With a 109 yard kickoff return, he increased the Ravens lead by 22.  

At 13:22 in the 3rd, the lights went out in New Orleans.  Half the Mercedes-Benz Superdome went dark with a power outage, halting the game's momentum for a good 35 minutes.
That awkward moment when the power goes out during the biggest television program of the year...
After action was resumed it didn't take long for the Niners to score.  Talk about your power shift.  In less than five game-time minutes the Ravens 17-point lead decreased to five.  Fearless with the football, Collin Kaepernick fired to Michael Crabtree for 31 yards in their first touchdown of the game.  From the looks of it, the power outage was just what San Francisco needed.  On their next drive, the 49ers found themselves first and goal.  Frank Gore ran for six, and another seven points were theirs.  Add in a successful field goal, and when the third came to an end the scoreboard read 28-23.  Ravens were up but not by many.

It all came down to the fourth.  On the quarters opening drive, the Ravens were first and goal, but they refused to run the ball, giving up their touchdown attempt for a measly field goal.

With less than 10 minutes remaining, the 49ers were 2nd and 7 at the 15. Kaepernick ran for the touchdown, but his throw for two was no good.  The scoreboard reading 31-29 in the Ravens favor.

The Ravens next drive ate away at the clock, ending with a FG in their favor.  Justin Tucker, the rookie from Texas, delivered the goods, increasing their lead 34-29.

Late in the fourth, it was 1st and 10 at the Baltimore 40.  Gore got the ball and just kept on running.  He was knocked off at the seven, but it'd be good for a first down deep in the red zone with two minutes left in the game.  But the 49ers just couldn't deliver.  Once the ball was back in Baltimore possession, the game was done.

Ravens would take Super Bowl 47, and John Harbaugh would win the battle of the brothers.

And just because you've read this entire post...

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