Tuesday, February 12, 2013

You Had Me At Woof

Madison Square Garden has gone to the dogs.

As the Westminster Kennel Club hosts its 137th show, 187 breeds from across the globe have made their way to Manhattan.  With almost 3,000 competing, the professional pups will strut their stuff for the judges.  Each ultimately hoping to take the title of Best in Show.

In between rounds, their handlers may take the pros back to the New Yorker or Hotel Pennsylvania for a quick cat nap or bowl of kibble.  That's right.  Just for a few days, NYC's ritziest hotels are turned into overpriced kennels.

And that's where my photojournalism assignment of the week comes in.  Today, I became a part of the paparazzi, the puppy paparazzi that is.  For two hours, I waited for pampered pooches to emerge.  The canine celebs were more than willing to pose for pictures, and their owners loved the attention.

Really, I just couldn't stop clicking.  In total, I took more than 450 photos.  I feel bad for my professor who has to go through them all, but for y'all here's my favorite seven.  Beware of the many smush faces!
Who says size matters?  This little guy was ready to take on any pup who came too near his pop.  

This baby beagle had a twin sister.  The duo were competing for the first time today.   
She was such a cute stage momma.  How could I not take their picture? 

And just for fun...they may be professionals, but they can't always live the glorious life. 
By far, today was one of my most favorite shoots.  Really, the only thing that would have made it better is if I could have seen some long-haried dachshunds too!

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