Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Favorites From the Festival

Macon's Cherry Blossom Festival has come and gone, and with it my Spring Break.  I'm back in the City's wintery weather, and the countdown to graduation has officially begun!  I'll be donning by purple gown in a little less than two months, so prepare for quite a few NYC lasts in the coming eight weeks.

But, first things first.  Here's a look back of some of my favorites from the festival.
Cute kiddos are literally the best!  This little tyke was having a blast on the baby dragon ride. 
Always a festival favorite, children everywhere compete to win a 25¢goldfish. 
Wanna take a ride? 
Nothing says Cherry Blossom quite like fair food. Anything coated in sprinkles is destined to be a crowd favorite. 
And the Georgia boiled peanuts from Macon's own Fire Department...let's just say, nothing can beat that salty treat!
Not quite the right blossoms, but these pretty flowers were in bloom down at Central City Park 
Even the sidewalk art joined the Pinkest Party celebration! 
Now, obviously this picture isn't from Cherry Blossom, but I figured I'd include in nonetheless.  Last Monday, a severe thunderstorm swept through Macon, leaving many with fallen trees in their front yard.  A big pine fell through our attic, and a beautiful blue tarp blankets the roof.  Of course, we're just so grateful no one was hurt!  We're a family who's not afraid of fallen trees.  Just a few years back, one came threw my brother's room, forcing us to live like Eloise for a couple of weeks.  It's like my Momma said, living on Kathryn Drive has prepared us for any thing!
Dorothy was right--there's no place like home! 

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