Sunday, March 31, 2013

Trading Bunnies for Baseball

WABC was there to catch all the action! 
Happy Easter y'all!  My bunny hop holiday's been a bit different then most.  I spent the morning with the Mets at Citifield. Tomorrow's their season opener, so they were practicing their last minute swings and pitches before they take on the Padres. And, I got to be the reporter for WABC.

 It started off with a quick interview with Captain David Wright. He called the Mets ball club "scrappy," saying you won't find too many household names on their rooster. But, that's not stopping them from playing with a win it all attitude.

Next came pitcher Jonathan Neise. Now that Johan Santana's out for the season, Manager Terry Collins is calling on him to deliver. Like Wright, he said players are checking their egos at the door.

After both players stressed how excited they are for the new season to start, it was off to the field for some B-Roll.  I know it was to just a few warm-up pitches, but if the Mets swing like they did today, lots of ball to the walls are in their future.

Citifield's all set for tomorrow. And, here's a few photos from the nearly empty stadium.
All set for opening day! 
Of course, for today all the seats were empty. 
And here's David Wright practicing his swing. 
So let's get ready to play ball! 

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