Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Soy Sundaes, and Luscious Locks, and Elie Wiesel

Delicious Soy Sundae 
As I was riding on the Subway today, I started to think about the simple pleasures in life.  For me, those include:  making the perfect soy-sundae, throwing away a huge stack of index cards after a midterm exam, drinking a delicious cup of coffee when I first wake up in the morning, watching a Disney movie, and sorting through Mommy blogs for the Good Housekeeping Good Advice column.

Tangled, Released on DVD Today!
 And, lucky for me, these were all on the agenda for today.  My alarm went off especially early today, 6:00, as I crammed the last little bit of information about the Middle East before my midterm at 11.  I was so worried; my professor's new to NYU this year, and from what I'd heard about his class last semester, he's a super hard grader.  But, I'm happy to say my 100 notecards (complete with neon-pink highlighter marks) definitely paid off.  I knew the correct response to every single question-now of course I just hope he likes my answers.  For lunch, I stopped by my old dorm, Hayden, and ate the most delicious soy ice cream for lunch.  Seriously, only there can you find 3 different types of ice cream minus the milk.  At Good Housekeeping, I was asked to please look at Mommy blogs about makeup application.  I seriously looked for 3 hours, and my results were quite limited, but I sure did learn a lot-husbands are a hassle and children are very messy.  After my student council meeting and dinner at Upstein, Jen and I are currently watching Tangled.  It was a new release for Redbox today.  Coupled with delicious Girl Scout cookies, I must say, so far so good!

So you see, othing to crazy to report; however, I was invited to hear ELIE WIESEL (author of Night, Oprah book club read and only the most amazing Jewish studies novella ever) speak on April 12.  But besides that, it was a pretty ordinary day at NYU.

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