Wednesday, March 9, 2011

When You Wake up At 4:30am

Today's Ash Wednesday, and so begins the 46 days of Lent.  This year I've decided to give up bread and sweets (but just during the week).  PB&J is probably my most favorite food on the planet, so bread is definitely a major sacrifice.  Already, I'm craving crunchy Jiff and strawberry jelly on 2 toasted slices, minus the crust.  And, well candy just because I eat way to much of it.  I'm hoping that by limiting my sugar level, I'll drop a few lbs over the next few weeks.

There's one thing that I could never give up  This past week, as I've prepared for midterms, I've allowed my love of lattes to run my life.  I had two midterms this morning, and the only think that got me up when my alarm went off at 4:30 was the thought of a delicious cup of joe.

I don't know if anyone else's noticed it, but Starbucks has new cups.  How sad is it that I realized this?  The design no longer has the words "Starbucks Coffee" on it because they're trying to expand their brand. How interesting.  Just as long as they don't change the size of a Venti, I'm fine.

Only 3 more days and 1 more midterm until my brain's on break.  I'm so ready!

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