Saturday, March 24, 2012

Because Life's a Little Sweeter with Sprinkles

For this week's floor program, Michael and I took 11th Floor residents to Soho's newest sweet shop, Georgetown Cupcakes.  The Washington fixture made its New York debut this February, and their 111 Mercer Street location couldn't be cuter!  Pastel pink boxes line the wall, and each table is adorned with a beautiful flower arrangement.  They even had a hot pink bejeweled mixer!  But, it's their to-good-to-eat-designs found inside the display case that keeps their line long.  With their generous swirls of icing, you're sure to find a crowd pleaser cupcake amongst their daily 18 flavors.

For my first Georgetown treat, I tried the mint cookies and creme.  It's a madagascar bourbon vanilla cupcake topped with a mint Oreo crumble-infused buttercream frosting.  If the description alone doesn't make you want a bite, as a cupcake connoisseur, I'd say it was probably one of the yummiest desserts I've ever had.

The Most Magnificent Mixer in the World!
Their cupcakes are a little expensive, but don't let its $2.75 price tag keep you away.  Follow Georgetown Cupcakes Soho on twitter to find out what their flavor of the day.  If you ask for it by name at the register, they'll add that cupcake to your take out box FREE OF CHARGE.  But it's only while supplies last (usually around 1pm).  So if you're on your way to an early morning class and craving a cupcake, it's definitely worth it!

Do you have a favorite cupcake place here in the City?  Be sure to leave a comment, and I'll give it a try!


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