Friday, March 30, 2012

Je Laisse L'Amour Entrer

Our Zombie in Her Tu-Tu, Photo Courtesy of Joanna Li 
Singing, dancing, acting, and a zombie ballerina...what more could you want in a evening?  The Tisch Studio Playwrights is having their annual Spring performance.  And if your in the City tonight, change your plans because you wont want to miss it!  Loosely based on the ballet La Sylphide, Je Laisse L'Amour Entrer is the story of a boy who falls in love with a zombie ballerina.  The only problem is he's engaged.  Of course, to add to the drama, the boy's best friend is in love with the fiance, but he's in a relationship too.  The plot's a little hard to follow, but it's more about the experience of seeing the show and less about understanding the characters' actions.

My friend and fellow Laf RA, Vanessa Koppel, plays the zombie ballerina.  She did quite the job of staying in her creepy character throughout the play's duration.

Word to the wise, the play is a bit experimental.  There were a few moments when I had absolutely no idea what was going on.  And, it's probably not the sort of theater you'd want to take your grandma too.  But it's definitely the best student show I've ever seen.

There closing performance is tonight at 8pm on the 3rd Floor of 440 Lafayette Street.  You can reserve you tickets here or show up early for standby seats.  At only $5 a ticket for students, it's the perfect remedy if your broke but want to do something fun.  Plus, the runtime's only one hour ten minutes, so there's still time to go out after the show.

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