Sunday, March 11, 2012

Would You Like Your Oreos Plain or Fried?

Everything's Better Fried, Just Ask the Townspeople of Forsyth
For me, each trip to Georgia is all about re-embracing my Southern roots.  So when my mom suggested we spend the  afternoon at the Forsythia Festival, how could say no?  Visitors to the yearly jubilee are guaranteed country music, big hair, kitschy crafts, and fair food.  The town may claim the weekend's devoted to their yellow flower, but really it's just an excuse to party.

The smell around the square was a weird combination of elephant ears, deep fried pickles, boiled peanuts, turkey legs, grilled corn, and rib sandwiches.  Basically, it would be a calorie counter's worst nightmare and Paula Deen's dream land. The first go around, we resisted the urge (but only because we were headed to the Girl Scouts' tent).  With our box of Tagalongs and Samoas in hand, we examined the vendor tents for a while.  There was the usual pottery, ornaments, and monogramming stations.  But, one that really caught our eye was the Rumtastic Gourmet Cake sellers.  They lured us over with free samples,  so of course we had to buy a little loaf.  Then there was the Fried Oreos stand.  They were only two for a $1, and it supported the  Marching Band, so I feel like that was a good investment.

Please Hang up Your Horseshoes 
The Monroe County Horseshoe Competition was the main attraction for the afternoon. We literally stood their for 30 minutes as two retired gentlemen battled to see whose name would be added to the winner's sign outside Lee's  Haircutting.  They were quite serious with their throwing.  Both men had these handles that could pick up their horseshoes, so they wouldn't have to bend down in the dirt after each round.  And, we think that whenever a competitor was eliminated  from the competition, the announcer said "it's time to hang up your horseshoes."  Ultimately, local Dan Sanders came out the winner with Charles Mathis at a very close second.  As for their prizes, both men received a case of bottled Coke and a plaque for their victory.  I'm just wondering what's the best place to hang your winner's plaque?  Does the horseshoe champion hangs his in the office, or does it belong in his  wife's kitchen?

Does your home town have any crazy yearly celebrations? 
 Feel free to leave a comment, sharing your most exciting  memories! 

You may Have heard of Winning a Fish at the Fair, well in Georgia, you can Bring home a Bunny!

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