Thursday, June 7, 2012

Beauty Is Pain...Literally

The saying "Beauty is Pain" has been taken to a new extreme.  In the latest fashion spread for Bulgarian  magazine 12, six photos have garnered quite the publicity.  As per usual, gorgeous models star blankly into camera.  But along with their perfectly curled hair and ruby red lipstick, each is sporting a serious injury.  

This "Victim of Beauty" has been left with a black eye, but the other's didn't come off quite as easy:  one has a slit throat, another has her mouth ripped open, and yet another looks as though her face has been burned with acid.

Besides the obvious shock value, there's no word yet on what the editors were trying to convey.  Nonetheless, the spread makes you wonder who thinks violence against women is glamorous?  

Too see a slide show of all the photos, check out Fashionista's article here

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