Friday, June 1, 2012

Having Lunch with Al Roker

Nope, that's not a wax figure.  It's the real Al Roker.  
Ever wonder how Al Roker came up with his signature sign off "and here's what's happening in your neck of the woods"?  Apparently, the tagline's a tribute to his grandfather who'd greet him with the saying during every visit.  And as surprising as it may seem, Al didn't aways want to be a weatherman.  He thought behind the camera work (like producing or directing) were more his style.  At least, that was the case until a weekend weather job opened up that'd pay $15 per show.  But, these tiny tidbits were just the start at today's intern luncheon.  That's right, today I dined with everybody's favorite weatherman.

I grew up watching The Today Show, so hearing him share his words of wisdom was pretty incredible.  Especially in the media industry, real success depends on how marketable you are.  You're the brand.  He learned quick America doesn't want to wakeup to find a surly weatherman.  They'd much rather see someone cracking jokes with viewers.  Don't get me wrong, he's clearly knowledgable and quite the hard worker.  The alarm goes off at 3:15am, and his head doesn't hit the pillow until 10 o'clock that night.  And, that's all without a nap.

"Try to do what you love" far that was the best piece of advice he gave.  Sure, it seems like a no-brainer.  But, with only a year left until I'm thrown into the real world, I found it quite helpful.  Many of my friends just graduated, but some are settling for the first job that comes their way.  Here, I'm agreeing with Al.  They'll be spending 40+ hours a week working.  If you ask me, that's just too much wasted time if it doesn't make them happy.

Once again, I'd just like to say best internship ever!

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