Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dinner With the Dormouse

Picture a place with glittery butterflies hanging from the ceiling, mismatched china decorating the table, and the words of Lewis Carroll lining the wall...what you've got is Alice's Tea Cup.  Nestled on the corner of 64th and Lexington, this quaint little tea house is the perfect spot for a light dinner with friends.

Last night (after grabbing a quick cupcake from Sprinkles), Joanna, Jamie, and I set out to try the cozy restaurant for our biweekly girls get-together.

Served with Handmade-Raspberry Preserve and
Fresh Cream, their Scone was so Tasty 
The cutest of menus presented their long list of beverages.  I ultimately decided on Alice's Tea, and atop my three cup pot rested a smiling Cheshire Cat.  Along with their signature pumpkin scone split three ways, it was a great starter to our grownup tea party.  For my entree, I ordered the typical ladies luncheon food:  a wheat bread sandwich stuffed with cream cheese and cucumbers.  Served with a side of french fries, all I can say is yummy!

The price isn't too steep either; my total bill only came to $23.  So, if your in the need of a cute cafe with an adorable atmosphere that wont break the bank, I'd say give Alice's Tea Cup a try.  In fact, I liked it so much that I've already made arrangements for my grandmother and mom to try it out when they visit the City later this summer.

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