Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Kids Are Growing Up

 For today's weekend adventure, I had to be up and out of Lafayette a little earlier than usual-10am to be exact.  Along with a few of the Summer Assistants, I had my first official Sunday brunch in New York City.  Our planned place wasn't open quite as early as we'd hoped for, so we ended up at Cafe Select.  Twinkling white lights hang from the ceiling; black and white artwork adorns the walls, and soft, sweet music plays in the background.  Located between Spring and Broom St. on Lafayette, this quaint little restaurant is just perfect if you're hoping for a Soho selection that won’t break the bank. 

As with all great brunches, the meal began with a round of mimosas.  I ordered the most delicious pancakes too.  Served with raspberry jelly, vanilla butter, and warm syrup, I can't believe they were only $12. 

Seriouslly, this picture doesn't do these Pancakes Justice! So delicious!
But more than the food, it was the great conversations we had that ensure it won’t be a morning I'll soon forget.  It's weird to think about, but we really are growing up.  We're becoming people who contemplate our not-so-far-off-futures.  We're people who eat brunch, even if it's not from a dorm dining hall. 

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