Monday, June 4, 2012

Sprinkles - - The Most Perfect Name for a Cupcake Shop

Delightful and Delicious:
What more could you want in
a cupcake shop? 
If you find yourself near Bloomingdales desperately in the need of dessert, look no further than Sprinkles.  Their name may be sugary sweet, but their cupcakes are the perfect combination.  After the quickest work turnaround of my life (I left NBC at 1am and had to be back in the office for an 8:30 orientation), I figured I deserved a cupcake...well make that two, but it's purely for research purposes.

Located between 60th and 61st on Lexington, just the shop's bright exterior is sure to bring a smile to your face.  From the staff shirts to the seating, cute colorful dots can't be avoided.  But let's be honest.  No one visits a bakery just for its decor; the taste is what really counts.  

Can't Go Wrong With Cupcakes
Today's flavors numbered 15, but ultimately I decided on banana.  Bittersweet chocolate frosting and their signature modern dots topped super moist, banana cake.  Plus, its cake-to-icing ratio was just the way I like it.  

But what really sets Sprinkles apart is their willingness to push the envelope.  Regardless of the day, puppy cupcakes can always be found on the menu.  They say dog's are man's best friend, so it seems only natural precious pooches would have their own flavors too.  Plus, Sprinkles has already installed the world's first Cupcake ATM in the heart of Beverly Hills.  But don't pout NewYork City cupcake addicts.  Before the summer's through, they're hoping to house one too.

But for now, the best way to curb that sweet tooth is by checking out the website's favor menu.  And if you're really feeling ambitious, Sprinkles even makes take-home cupcake mixes of their top flavors for $14 a box.  

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